Will 2013 Be The Year Your Prospects Just Can’t Say No To Your Offer?

Use a Passionate Copywriter with Discipline and Untiring Work Ethic Trained by the Top Experts in the Direct Response World to Seduce your Prospects

Dear Fellow Marketer,

With today’s economic climate consumers and businesses alike are pulling the reins of their spending. Great copy can become stale fast.

Perhaps you’ve realized you need a little more help to keep up with the high demand for compelling copy…

I’m not saying you can’t write great copy for your marketing, you probably can.

After all, you’ve worked hard to get to where you are in life and in your business. And my guess is that you’re not quite ready to throw in the towel.

So let me ask you,

One, to keep up with the rapidly changing marketplace and its unquenchable thirst for fresh and compelling copy, would you like a go to copywriter you can depend on for new promotions and big ideas?

Two, would you want that copywriter to be disciplined, have an untiring work ethic, and capable of seducing any reader with his words?

If so, then get ready to never worry about your copywriting needs again!

Let me explain what I mean when I say you can...

Get A Disciplined and Untiring Work Ethic, Working For You

As a member of the US Army National Guard in 2008, a tour in Iraq was bound to happen.

But as all good soldiers, we did our duty.

•We stayed out on the front line with limited resources until the job was done...

• We stayed alert to the ever changing battle field...

• We made every step as methodical as one could...

• We paid close attention to every detail...

• But most importantly, we did it without complaining about all the hard work and sacrifices we had to make.

Here is a short tribute to American Soldiers...


You see, this wasn't the best paying job, in the safest environment. It was one that first, you had to volunteer for.

And second, go through one of the most expensive and scientifically engineered training "Bootcamps" mankind has ever seen.

This “Bootcamp” made sure only the strong-minded, most dedicated, and disciplined of the trainees were left standing.

These experiences will be with me forever.
Entwined in my heart and soul; teaching me countless lessons.

One of those lessons is this:

Despite the mission, whether big or small, it must be performed with untiring effort, discipline, and methodical actions and be your very best performance regardless of the variables.

You have my word that you will receive the same devotion, discipline and flat-out hard work when I’m pounding out page after page of powerful, profit producing copy for you, for your team and for your business.

And while hard work will consistently produce good copy, great copy takes more than just hard-work and discipline. For great copy you need more, you need…

Real World Insights With Drive And Passion

At a very early age I ventured into sales. I don't know how it happened, but I do know why. (I'll get to the why part in a moment)

I suppose when you are as ambitious and self-motivated as me, it just seemed the thing to do.

Despite my ambition, I wasn't always the top salesman of the month. My numbers were usually just above the company, dealerships or national average, with some months surpassing everyone’s (including my own) expectations.

Whether I was selling millions of dollars of insurance products, selling mortgage loans to first time homebuyers, finding that perfect home for the new family or selling cars, I always strived to be the best.

And during success or temporary defeat, I always stayed the course and delivered my very best performance.

These victories and defeats have taught me valuable skills as a salesperson you simply cannot learn any other way.

Face to Face Belly to Belly Experience

I’ve had a phone call from a lady who just lost her husband. She was hysterically asking if their contract was already enforced. Her husband didn’t think he needed Life insurance. But she was glad I convinced him why he should buy just two weeks earlier.

I've seen the distrust people had for insurance agents. I've heard families say they were "insurance poor" and tell me no, but I stayed at the table anyways because I knew they needed the coverage.

I've shown clients how to avoid further losses with safer financial vehicles and preserve their retirement.

I've sold the safest cars to families who needed them the most. I've approved first time home buyers when everyone else turned them down.

I’ve seen the emotion, the indecision, the skepticism, the doubt… and I made the sale anyway.

But you know, despite the discipline and regardless of my sales experience you still don’t know how I can produce winning copy time after time, unless you know that I have…

Personal Access to the Direct Response Copywriting ‘Gods’

My old Drill Instructor, Staff Sergeant Munoz (SSG Munoz) was a true leader. Iraq is where he made up his mind to become a drill instructor. One day two rookies were added to his squad that couldn’t even fire a machine gun. SSG Munoz didn’t find that out until they were under fire and were needed the most.

You see SSG Munoz knew what all great leaders know. That his soldiers needed superior training if we were going to win the war. But more than great training, they needed practice so those skills become muscle memory.

American Writers and Artist Incorporated (AWAI) have an elite Circle of Success (COS) group. As a member of this exclusive group, you can rest assured that I am trained by the top experts in the direct response world.

• I have access to over $50,000 worth of copywriting tools plus thousands if not millions of dollars’ worth of coaching and advice at my disposal.

• It gives me anytime access to Paul Hollingshead, Michael Masterson, Don Mahoney, Bob Bly, and the many other “friends” of AWAI who are among the industry’s top writers and marketers...

• I’ve been through intense training programs geared to produce winning copy every time.

What kind of copywriter do you want?

One that has the best training, mindset, and “Guru” access I just described? Or one that gives you mediocre copy with poor results?

If you've been looking for the right freelance copywriter then you may have just found him...

I say may, because I only take on a certain type of client.

I don't say that to be harsh or arrogant, it's just a business choice I made on my first day as a freelancer.

Now if you really want to persuade your prospects with hypnotic words and increase your sales, then pick up the phone and call me now.

We can discuss what type of clients I work with and decide if we are fit for each other.

But before you do, let me explain the why part of me venturing into sales...

Nothing in Life is a coincidence…Everything happens for a reason…Even you reading this letter…

My life experiences help me connect with the common man. I can reach out and talk to him like he’s my brother.

And the idea that these experiences combined with a passion and love for writing would make a lucrative career was hard to believe.

I get to travel the world, work when and where I want and vacation for as long as I want.

I can do all of this without worrying about how I'm going to send my kids to the best schools or pay the bills.

I don't say this to brag, but to show you that I LOVE what I do.

So, you can have your pick of copywriters. But wouldn't you want one with everything I mentioned above?

The discipline, untiring work ethic, sales experience, expert training, and a passion and love of his job...

If your answer is yes and you want your readers to beg for your product after reading your sales letters, then pick up the phone and call me right now.

Or, you can pick a copywriter with less training, discipline, and precision as me and maybe I can clean up their mess afterwards.

Either way, I'll be here...seducing prospects into buying someone’s products…maybe even your competitions


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